The Third Indonesian-Japanese Conference on
Knowledge Creation and Intelligent Computing (KCIC) 2014
March 25-26, 2014 - Malang, Indonesia
Knowledge Base and Engineering
Information modelling
Knowledge acquisition and accumulation
Knowledge discovery
Knowledge management
Information systems and applications
Human-computer interaction and Modelling
Intelligent optimization

Computational Intelligence
Learning and adaptation
Perception and learning
Emotion modelling
Cognitive science
Probabilistic and reasoning computation
Reinforcement learning
Statistical methods and data mining
Pattern recognition
Artificial intelligence and soft-computing

Intelligent Multimedia Systems
Multimedia modelling
Multimedia computing systems and applications
Intelligent multimedia analysis and processing
Web intelligence
Web-based support systems
Multimedia information retrieval

Applied-Computing Sciences
Social-based computing model and analysis
Social media engineering
Cross-cultural computation and modelling
Medical computing analysis and applications
Environmental modelling and computation
Disaster management computing and support systems
Disaster risk analysis and applications
E-Learning and educational computation
Robotics computing model and applications
Intelligent text processing and Computational linguistics
Linguistic knowledge modelling and representation
Past Conferences

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